How to Read palms: The affection lines or marriage lines

Learn to read palms with this video tutorial! The affection lines in the hand are explained. These lines are on the side of the hand below the small finger and are also sometimes called the marriage lines. These lines appear right above the heart line and are usually a straight line. There may be more than one, and do vary in length. This video will explain what these lines mean in the art of palmistry.

How To: Understand mystical numerology

In this video series, watch as Gnobo Calypso teaches all about mystical numerology. Learn all about patterns, anthropocosmic beings, nature's flow, the sacred geometry, universal vibrations, mystical energy as Ra, Isis, Maat, and Numena, and the Age of Aquarius.

How To: Find Ursa Major, the Big Dipper

Ursa Major is called the Big Dipper in North America. The seven main stars are easy to identify. The big dipper changes positions throughout the night and throughout the year. The change in position is due to the earth's motion rotating the sun.

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