How To: Figure out if your new zodiac sign is Ophiuchus

Figure out if your new zodiac sign is Ophiuchus

This video shows you what the new zodiac signs are, so you can determine what your new astrological sign is. Are you a new Ophiuchus? What is Ophiuchus? This tutorial also gives you a brief rundown of the myth behind this new zodiac sign.

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I am a triple Scorpio, born on a stopped elevator dering an electrical storm, I had my daughter on my 29th birthday at same hospital I was born, they induced labor at 7:00 AM October 30, it was horiffic pain, they would not let me have an epideral until I reached 3 centimeters, never happened. They had predited i was unable to give birth naturally (why did they make me suffer for 36 hours REFUSING pain meds?!?) around 3:45 I told the Dr to take all the needles out and I was leaving, and I meant it...5 Drs consulted and gave me an epideral, I was fine, no more pain and I was a nice girl... then they all came in with very serious faces and said "we have to do a c sectionm the baby's heart rate is dropping," At 4;42PM October 31, 1985 I got the BEST birthday present EVER!!! I gave birth to Zoe' Ariana Cezanne but she gave me LIFE JOY LOVE...the most beautiful baby ever born She too was a triple scorpio. She wold be 28 this year, sadly she moved to heaven at 16 1/2,,, I miss her every day She visits often and lives in my heart and feeds my soul. Scorpios are special. I know that on the day I was born and the day she was born exactly how the planets were aligned ... I think this new sign is interesting but I don't understand the changes eing of any use to anyone, Astrology is thousands of years old, if they chamged it every time a new planet was discovered it kill the art and science of Astrology.

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